About ZIMT

Zimt Chocolates had some fairly humble beginnings. Founder Emma Smith started out by making chocolates in her home kitchen. When it was time to sell in retail stores, she began to manufacture out of a church kitchen, then a vegan cupcake shop, then a vegan yogurt factory and now Zimt operates in a proper chocolate factory, which is amazing.

It has always been the goal to go all out- yes, our ingredients are all certified organic, yes we just use coconut sugar and coconut nectar to sweeten our treats, yes our products taste amazing but– did you know that we take it a step or two further? We are committed to donating 1% of all of our sales to helping those in need. We only make vegan products, and! And. Not that you would want to do this, but… if you buried an entire chocolate bar, in its packaging, underground, you know what you would be left with? A whole lot of nothing. Because it is totally biodegradable- packaging and all.

So, that is Zimt in a nutshell (minus the nuts. We don’t put those in our chocolate. Though, they are delicious.). Just a “slightly-obsessed-with-delivering-the best-possible” chocolate company. Now who ever said obsession isn’t a good thing?

Emma Smith, Founder

Zimt Chocolates’ founder Emma Smith began her plant-based journey at age 16 while when battling health issues in hospital. A fellow patient introduced her to a lifestyle of compassion for animals and a vegan diet; since then, this mantra of greater purpose has informed the core of all she does.

During her final year of post-secondary, Emma became interested in raw vegan foods and began experimenting with raw chocolate. While backpacking across Europe, she discovered that raw chocolate was rather popular on that continent –  she was certain that her fellow yoga-loving, green juice-drinking Vancouverites would love this new world variety. But when she returned home, she couldn’t find the kind of refinement she was looking for – a raw chocolate that had the same creamy aroma, velvety melt-down and refined texture as its conventional original. So, instead of taking her Honours Degree in Commerce and getting a “real job”, Emma took a page from her childhood diary and started her own business as a chocolatier.

Zimt is a full line of the finest and ethical indulgences. Zimt can be found in select specialty retailers across North America, with specialty items in our online store.