Hazelnut Caramel Ganache
Hazelnut Caramel Ganache
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Hazelnut Caramel Ganache

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Try one of these bars. If you love it- it is a sure positive. Sorry.

If you try it and go into anaphylactic shock, you are human being with a severe  hazelnut allergy.  Moral is- know yourself... 

Topped with Marphyl Sea Salt and, yeah, filled with caramel, ganache, and a sprinkling of whole hazelnuts- even if your bar looks flat, you will taste them. They may have sunk into our luscious caramel- it's a tough world but, somebody's gotta deal with that.

All Organic Ingredients: cocoa nibs, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, coconut, coconut nectar, whole roasted hazelnuts, sunflower seed oil, sea salt, water,  vanilla bean. 

Allergen Information: Made in a vegan facility! We use nuts, peanuts, coconuts, sesame and gluten. May contain traces of these ingredients, as well as maple sugar and vanilla bean.

This is part of our Zero Waste Candy Bar collection! Wrapped in paper that we use for covering the centres in our chocolate. It's a machine... anyway. And we get about a billion elastic bands from our bar packaging supplier and hoard them. Then, we wrap the wrapped bars with one of these billions of elastic bands.
Ok that's it!