1% of Sales Recipients

Although Zimt was founded in a time of utter confusion, one element has remained constant, clear, and unwavering this entire time. That is- to do good. 

We aim to bring you delicious, ethical, caring treats. Treats that most people would think impossible to make without dairy products, whose counterparts often contain ingredients harvested by modern slaves, and whose packaging will take hundreds of years to degrade. 

We want to go a little further than that, though. So, we have committed to donating 1% of all of our sales to charities that support our goals- to help those in the greatest need. 


Here are some of our main recipients- they are great organizations doing truly life changing (for the better) work. Big hearts!


100 For Haiti: This organization does incredible work, with facets that would greatly benefit even the most economically thriving of countries. While they provide the poorest of the poor with long term solutions to their basic needs being securely met ( safe water sources and roof replacement for homes otherwise, would be unsafe to live in) they go a step further. Sexual assault of women and children is rampant in southern Haiti. As a response, they have set up a team of social work volunteers to educate citizens about sexual assault and abuse, and how to prevent them.

We need this everywhere- well done, 100 for Haiti!

Hearts on Noses:  True blue is where HON is at! This organization is very volunteer dependent and spearheaded by founder Janice Gillet. The sanctuary offers respite to over 40 pigs (and a few other animals, too) - some of whom would otherwise have been led to slaughter for food. The organization also adamantly promotes a compassionate, vegan lifestyle. Unlike other 'sanctuaries', the animals at Hearts on Noses are not purchased from auctions. Other animal 'rescues' will actually go and buy animals from auctions, thus perpetuating the demand for these auctions to supply animals. They also are careful to not let the animals they rescue breed- there are already so many animals that need a space to live, more do not need to be created. 
These basic aspects are sometimes neglected at animal sanctuaries- Hearts on Noses has their heart, and mind, in the right place.

Danzig's Roost: Guess who lay eggs? Well, among a number of animals, chickens do. Guess who don not? (Again, lots of us, but... that's not what we are getting at here). Roosters do not lay eggs. Did you ever think about what happens to roosters? Ok, here's the thing: humans eat a lot of eggs. Roosters do not lay eggs. Roosters fertilize eggs to make more chicks (both male and female), but you don't need nearly as many roosters as you do chickens to keep the egg supply bumpin'. 

So what does this mean? It means that millions of male chicks are ground up into fertilizer and pet food, or suffocated, or simply thrown into dumpsters, because they are useless to us to provide eggs. 

It doesn't matter if the eggs you buy say they are 'natural', or 'cage free' or 'free range'- unless they are an absolute minutely unusual case, those eggs mean many ground up baby roosters. 

Not many of us know that. But the folks at Danzig's Roost do and decided it was high time to rescue some roosters. They provide a safe, loving, lifetime respite for farmed rescue animals- many of whom are roosters. 

So, now you know. Thanks for eating our chocolate- not eggs! 

RASTA Sanctuary: You know it's true love when a cage-free, no kill, home-for-life farmed and domesticated animal rescue relocates all of their babies over 1000 KM to live a more peaceful existence. 

That's exactly what RASTA did- dedication at its finest! This long-standing, vegan proud organization was founded in 2001 and has a mission not only to provide  a forever home to animals in need, but educate the public on the importance of a compassionate lifestyle. 

An ounce of prevention, you know?