real chocolate. no compromises.

We make awesome chocolate.. and then some

We make it from cocoa nibs, coconut sugar, and cocoa butter- in our factory in East Vancouver. We source only ethically grown and harvested cacao- there's a lot of slavery in cacao- no thank you. No amount of sugar can make that sweet. So- we prioritize. And the result is all around outstanding. 

All we make is vegan- because we don't want to exploit animals. It is all packaged in compostable packaging (our way since 2011), because we don't need to mine the earth for petroleum to make plastics and create loads of garbage. 

All organic because we also want to be kind to the earth and to farmers. 

The goal is- do as little harm as possible, do as much good as possible. 

Our stuff is smooth and delicious and a little goes a long way- guten appetit.  xo