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UpCycled Advent Calendar- made in Vancouver!

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There are not many of these- a few of each variety. All subdued colours, all upcycled- all fully stunning.

She's done it again! Ellie of Tee-Cycle Depot has graced this world with more of these gorgeous advent calendars- to count you down to presents and food. 

To provide you with energy to your Tofurky finale, we have filled each little pocket of the calendar with a half Zimt bar (a mystery! Which flavour?! You never know until you eat it- or sniff it, potentially). The bars this year will be wrapped in our left-over enrober paper. We have a giant bin of the stuff that *somebody* (*cough* Emma *cough*) refuses to stop hoarding, I mean, compost because 'Well we can still use them, guys. Don't act like it's still the '90s and we're not doomed.' 

Ellie made more of them this year than last year but as she is one woman who thoughtfully curates fabric and makes everything by hand- not a heartless machine who gets virgin raw materials fed into it and plunks out an end product- there are still not many calendars.

If you have multiple people living in the same household who want to experience this, may we suggest buying only one calendar for the household? There are 6 pieces of chocolate in each half bar so, if you have more than 6 people in your house. Still, so much more than one disappointingly small piece of slave labour cultivated, plastic moulded chocolate. But you gotta pay up! It is truly what it is worth- though perhaps a bit less, as this is what we are accustomed to. 

Also, next year, you won't need to buy the whole thing again, just the chocolate to replenish. You will save big time. 


We make awesome chocolate.. and then some

We make it from cocoa nibs, coconut sugar, and cocoa butter- in our factory in East Vancouver. We source only ethically grown and harvested cacao- there's a lot of slavery in cacao- no thank you. No amount of sugar can make that sweet. So- we prioritize. And the result is all around outstanding. 

All we make is vegan- because we don't want to exploit animals. It is all packaged in compostable packaging (our way since 2011), because we don't need to mine the earth for petroleum to make plastics and create loads of garbage. 

All organic because we also want to be kind to the earth and to farmers. 

The goal is- do as little harm as possible, do as much good as possible. 

Our stuff is smooth and delicious and a little goes a long way- guten appetit.  xo