Coconut Banana Bread to Live For
E Emma Smith

Coconut Banana Bread to Live For

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First recipe of the year, Zimtees- and it is a good one!

A few months ago, we participated in our local plant-based food powerhouses’  The Juice Truck and Erin Ireland’s Mindful Movie Night. Yep, it was macaroons and truffles and Peppermint Nib’d bars for all!

Erin also brought… her famous banana bread. It’s “To Die For” I am told.  However, as it isn’t vegan (…yet…(please?!)), I didn’t get to try any. But I was inspired to make a vegan version.

It’s rich and delicious and you need to try it. Of course I used our Zimt baking chocolate, but you could also break up your fave flavoured bar and use that too… (just not peppermint. Don’t.) I ran this by a few very discerning pallets and voila, you’ve got- amazing, Zimt chocolate chunk coconut banana bread.  It’s rich and delicious and you need to try it. Oh, here’s the recipe! Enjoy!

Vegan Banana Bread to Live For
Servings1 loaf
Recipe Notes

Mash your bananas- I use a Vitamix and just throw them in there, along with the next four ingredients, and blend them until broken up, but still a tad chunky.

Mix the remaining dry ingredients (other than the topper), well, so that there are no lumps and so the baking soda is really well incorporated (nothing worse than biting into a chunk of salty baking soda! ... ok there's lots worse. But it is something unpleasant that can be avoided easily).

Add your banana blend to the dry ingredients and stir until there is no more flour visible- remember to stir from the bottom! And do not over stir, lest the flour get gummy.

Pour into a coconut-oiled or parchment paper lined loaf pan and top with the toppers.

Pop in the oven for about 45 minutes, or until a knife inserted through the top middle of the loaf comes out clean. Leave to cool a bit, then, slice, and... you need to drizzle those slices with chocolate.

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