It's International Women's Day! Part 3
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It's International Women's Day! Part 3

Jul 9, 2021

And, it is still July.




Make way for Marissa of Eat The Dishes - an innovative, delicious company based out of Vancouver and thriving on delivering unique concepts from international street food- with a zero waste twist!


She kept it real short and sour with some recent experiences she had- also, a head's up! If you've got offended eyeballs, this post contains some swear words. 


And now, some words from Marissa: 


Here’s some of the yucky stuff I’ve dealt with recently:

-A male “mentor”, before meeting me in person, said “I’ve looked at your picture. You should definitely use your looks to your advantage and to further your company”. What the actual fuck.

-I regularly experience the scenario where a man will approach the Eat
 the Dishes booth at an event and immediately start asking my male employee (boyfriend) the “when, why, how, of founding a company”. When my employee (boyfriend) redirects the said person to me, that person will start giving me a shit show of unsolicited advice on how I should run my business. Happens nearly every event.
-I once received feedback from a superior (right before launching Eat the Dishes) that I was “too loud for a woman” (you can’t make this stuff up)!

-I also get called “bossy” on a regular basis, whereas men just get called “boss”.
-Recently I had to fire an engineering firm and instead of following up through email/ call to me, the engineer called my (male) consultant to complain about me and claim that I “didn’t give enough direction” (I had a shared document and detailed list and clear instructions of next steps and deadlines). 🙄
-When firing the above firm I was told by a male consultant that I was “too emotional” when in reality I had given the firm 3 chances to submit a simple budget for me and they had missed the deadline 3 times! Fuck!
Here's a pic of some of the creative delights Marissa has brought to fruition, so we can all take a breather: 
Eat the bowl? Don't mind if I do...
Eat the bowl? Oh finally! 
A big thank you to Marissa for those nauseating first hand accounts of what it is like to be a lady these days.  Keep on being bossy, Marissa- your looks could one day be on paper currency! 
xo Emma of Zimt

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