It's Still International Women's Month! Part 1
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It's Still International Women's Month! Part 1

Mar 29, 2023

Hi Everybody-


Really hitting the tail end of International Women's Month- perhaps in a silent protest to keep it going? What if we got... a year? 

But also- what does it even mean? Recognition, maybe- for the struggles and triumphs. Kind of an odd concept considering we're just humans... and I am still unclear as to why the disparity between rights. I understand the mentality exists but I don't think it's justified.


Anyway. Instead of me going into some deep dive into second wave feminism which I know absolutely nothing about, I decided to highlight a few of my friends in the biz, who are women, and who have businesses. It was until fairly recently that I had the horrifying realization that- yes, actually, running and growing a business has been more difficult than had, all things being equal, I been a man (just a CIS man. Plain vanilla. That's it. No toppings. Base flavour.). Maybe if I read up on a little second wave feminism, I could explain why a more eloquently. 

But I'll be seen and not heard- because it is time to open the floor for Shani of Shani's Seasoning, instead. Might I add that I also got to work with Katie, Shani's friend who was also tremendously involved in the creation and execution of Shani's Seasoning in the early days!


Here's the interview- enjoy!



xo emma of Zimt


Why did you start your business and what would 'the you of today', tell 'the you of that time’? 
I started the business out of a “Need”. I was experimenting with vegan cooking and every time I tried to create vegan “eggy” dishes, I couldn’t find anything that taste like egg so I created a spice blend that does!
I would tell “me at the time” JUST GO FOR IT! stop hesitating you’ll never know everything there is to know. it’s never be perfect right from the start-just start.
What's your worst memory of running your business? 
My first Veg expo (now planted expo”) totally left everything for last min and had to pull all nighter And do the show…was EXHAUSTED.  
Who has been your greatest support? 
My partner at the time. And all our customers love.
What's your favourite product you make or, what is your favourite way to use the product you make? 
We make 1 spice blend so far- “egg” flavour spice & my fav way is the good old scramble tofu ….so easy and hit the spot :)
What is a customer favourite? 
EGG SALAD with chickpeas and my spice!
What do you wish more people would know about you or your business? 
That running a small business is not easy especially if you have other side hustles/ need them to pay your bills.
its hard work into the night with so much passion and love for what you do :)
What are your plans for the rest of the year? 
Would love to finally rebrand and get into more locations! spread the love ya know ? :)
If you could wave a magic wand, what would you like to see your business change? 
What would your ideal day look like? 
wake up, Lemon stare (Edit: maybe lemon water? Lemon starburst? Idk), Meditation and journaling, work out and cold dip, work, work work, make delicious dinner, sit around the fire sing and laugh :)and cuddle my kitty :)
What is the fondest memory you have from your business? 
oh my gosh so many.. I guess it would have to be when my dear friend Erin Ireland first posted about us and gave us the amazing boost our business needed and she did so out of the kindness of her heart we didn’t pay her or anything so it was hearts warming to see the support from a local influencer/business owner :)



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