Vegan Thanksgiving: How to make it and make it delicious.
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Vegan Thanksgiving: How to make it and make it delicious.

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Hi Everybody-

I’m really happy things worked out this way. We are away next weekend (which is Canadian Thanksgiving) and my mum is away this weekend, so I decided to do Thanksgiving yesterday so we could celebrate together. Was a pretty big deal for the following reasons:

  • I made everything. Woah. Those who know me would call this nothing short of a miracle, as cooking in general stresses me out like none other.
  • Everything tasted amazing. You know I’d tell you if it hadn’t! But here’s the thing: there were three fairly… particular guests at the dinner, including a six year old (she’s smart and has impressive taste buds but still, she’s six), and a sixty three year old man who believes that fluorescent orange sherbet from a tub makes a great dessert.
  • This was the first (and maybe not the last- ha!) holiday meal I have ever made for my family. (And- I did so after moving quite literally, over 6,000 lbs of cacao that morning. So happy that shipment came in, but the timing was interesting. It’s all glamour here, folks.)

Anyway- I was really stoked to do this as well, because I wanted to compile a menu and, more importantly, an instructional guide to making a vegan holiday meal to share with you. Timing is key. Sometimes you don’t have the entire day to do things, so you have to be strategic. You should still be strategic because of cooking times- but you don’t have to worry about that because it is now all laid out for you! (Just get this handy PDF below.)

Vegan Holiday Meal Guide

What’s on the menu?

Crazy Easy Challah
Festive Kale Salad with Roast Pepitas and Red Quinoa
Amazing Mashed Potatoes
(I am now a mashed potato lover. Whodathunkit.)
Roast Autumn Veggies
Vegan Butter (DIY!)
palm oil free and mega easy.
Simple. Tasty. Gravy.
Lentil Chickpea Loaf 
Chocolate Pumpkin Pie
Sweet Cashew Crème


I hope you try out the menu or some components! And I hope the system takes out some of the guesswork and  makes it very easy for you to handle the holiday and many more to come, because we all know that these are stressful enough as is.


xo emma



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