Need a fun team building activity? Want to bond with your bridesmaids? Require, truly, the best birthday party ever?

Look no further- our chocolate making classes are here for you!

Choose from two faves:


Very Filling

How do they put the caramel in the Caramilk bar? These days, through a lot of automation, but if we go back to the first Caramilk bar made and it was likely done how you will do in this class. 

You'll get a set of chocolate bar shells ready to be filled- and you can choose from caramel, ganache, or can choose mix the two- add your favourite crunchy fillings for a bit of pizzaz and we are golden! We'll cap it off for you and you will go home with your own special creations to enjoy. 

Class also includes a bar of our Flavour of the Month for the next month- so you can feel extra special and get a sneak peek of what is to come!


Truffle Time

Want to make a set of truffles to display at your next big event? (Or to simply enjoy on your own time?) Well, this is the place for that. Create your own artisanal truffles to display proudly- you made those! 




we don't go into depth about making chocolate, the origins