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Maybe you want to take a deep dive into the land of tempering.

Maybe you want to sip on hot chocolate, learn how to make the best zero waste milks for furthering the experience at home, too. 

Maybe you just want to roll out of class with a cute box of chocolate.

Maybe you want to roll a whole lotta truffles. 

All classes will include a bit of background about what we do at Zimt, why we do things the way we do, and chocolate tasting! For non hot chocolate making classes, you get a tea of your choice to sip while getting talked at. 


Hop into Easter with Zimt

Does chocolate not taste inherently better when shaped like some kind of animal associated with a festivity?! 

Well we're all about centering animals and chocolate- so this bunny themed chocolate class ticks all the boxes.

You'll enjoy making your own delightfully nostalgic, large, solid milk chocolate bunny, and leave with two half eggs filled with caramel (which you will pipe! And we will cap. Don't worry.).

$5 from each ticket sold will go to our friends at Rabbitats


Temper Not Tantrum

Learn the nitty gritty of tempering- the hows, the whys, the dos the donts, how commercial tempering processes different from what you will be doing at home... and you'll leave with three beautiful bars of your very own. Add the toppers of your choice!

Hot Chocolate for Pros

If you were lucky enough to go ice skating at the rink as a kid, you were likely unlucky enough to try skating rink 'hot chocolate'.

Yeah, time to right some wrongs.

Learn how to start things out right- with a delicious zero waste milk, the proper technique for making them creamy and delicious, and how to make the perfect hot chocolate from our classic Just Say Chocolate mix. Class includes your choice of our hot chocolate mix to take home as well as our café milk recipes. 

Pretty Chocolate for Busy People

Honestly- you just want to sit around with your friends, have a crafternoon and leave with a box of beautiful chocolates you sort of made. 

Not only is that totally fine, but we also support that. 

You'll see some basic shelling techniques and learn how to make properly filled chocolates. But it isn't a heavy class at all- just have fun. 

Shells will be ready for you to put your newfound filling techniques to good use as well as little boxes and wraps for you to bring your treats to whomever you please. 

Your Role in Rolls

Like our Hot Chocolate for Pros class, this is a fairly easy one to practice at home- but you need to learn the right techniques first!

Sure, there are a million blogs out there with various vegan truffle recipes but... the technique needs a little work. Here to help! 

Make decadent, impressive dark chocolate truffles to bring to your next gathering, or just to eat on the couch which also counts as a gathering. 

Please Note: We'll only be fulfilling classes once they are sold out! And will provide 24 hours notice (and a refund. And apology.) if they are not. Moral of the story- tell your friends....




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Please keep your chocolate them in cool (preferably between 13 °C and 21 °C) conditions. This is to keep the chocolate in temper. Salted Vanilla Bean Caramel Macaroons and Drinking Chocolate Mix are also best kept below 25°C. Perishable items- please keep them in the fridge or freezer.

All dark Zimt chocolate is made with our eighty percent (80%) cocoa content.  Peppermint Nib’d, Sweet Orange Nib’d and Chocolate Nib’d bars have a slightly higher than 80% cocoa content. Our milkless varieties have a much smaller percentage, and our White Stuff base essentially can be at a zero- there is plenty of cocoa butter, but folks are generally interested in the dark chocolate content. 

Yes! Works great if you want to keep a recipe completely cane sugar free.