Toasted Bountiful Bar
Toasted Bountiful Bar
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Toasted Bountiful Bar

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White sand beaches, the sounds of gentle waves on the seashore, a faint scent of orchids- your face full of toasty, crispy, chewy coconut-covered-chocolate heaven.  

This is not a test!!!! 


This is what happens when you bake a special version of our Salted Vanilla Bean Caramel Macaroons - crispy, crunchy edges and a caramelized outer layer, then covered in chocolate to further protect its chewy centre. 


To the untrained eye- you barely care about this bar. Certainly wouldn't be in your wedding party. Until you take your first bite


You don't even need a wedding- you've found your real true love. 


All Organic Ingredients: cocoa nibs, coconut sugar, cocoa butter, coconut flakes, coconut nectar, coconut flour, sea salt, vanilla bean. 

Allergen Information: Made in a vegan facility! We use nuts, peanuts, coconuts, sesame and gluten. May contain traces of these ingredients, as well as maple sugar and vanilla bean.

This is part of our Zero Waste Candy Bar collection! Wrapped in paper that we use for covering the centres in our chocolate. It's a machine... that... anyway. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is recited in a particular order for a reason!

 Then, a bit of compostable tape- we are good!