Avocado Creme Truffle Cups

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truffles, chocolate, raw chocolate, raw cacao, avocado mousse

An Avocado Truffle Cup and a dollop of cacao avocado mousse, that I could live off of, made by my friend Breanne. Yummers.

Avocado Creme Truffle Cups


To be incredibly honest… as of starting this post, I have not assembled these yet. I haven’t got the equipment (muffin cups nor silicon muffin pan), but I’m sure I will soon (by this afternoon because I need these done by this evening), and when I do, I’m sure all of the delicious components will shine to their utmost ability in unison. =)


Recipe Copy Catted from Chocolate Covered Katie (though I used slightly different ingredients and didn’t use her measurements. And I also thought these up a few days before she posted her rendition, while driving to a friend’s house where we were supposed to bake using Zimt but I couldn’t find the baking chocolate around because we’re still getting settled and stuff is a little all over the place. Still, though, I should really come up with my own content or at least post before other people with brilliant chocolate centred minds do!).

Avocado Creme Truffle Cups

You will need:

90 g Zimt baking pieces (or you could make your own chocolate, but I don’t recommend it. Coconut oil chocolate does not do it for me anymore… But it may for you and that’s really all that counts!)

(œ the following to avoid extra filling. But I would recommend the extra filling).

88 g avocado (1 small, pitted)
90 g coconut butter (not coconut oil. Though that could be fine as well!) – about 6 tablespoons
26 g coconut sugar (a little more than 4 tablespoons)
44 g water (I think this is about 3 tablespoons)
Πt vanilla bean powder
pinch of salt

Melt your baking chocolate- carefully – over a double boiler. Once it is melted, put a little less the 3/4 of a Tablespoon on the base of a silicon muffin tin. Pop that in the fridge… or freezer if you’re wanting to be extra speedy.

In a mini food processor, combine all of the ingredients from avocado through pinch of salt and blend blend blend until super smooth! Then, you take either a pastry bag or a little eco friendly sandwich bag and put it all inside, smooshing it to one corner, like so:

truffles, chocolate, raw chocolate, raw cacao, avocado

Smooshed, to the right hand corner, like so.


Now, you cut that corner off. This is how you make creme filled chocolates at home. Squeeze some of the mixture out onto the chocolate that has now hardened (the one you put in the muffin tin and into the fridge), and set back into the fridge to fully harden.

truffles, chocolate, raw chocolate, raw cacao, avocado

If you have to leave to get muffin liners before you can assemble, like I did, simply put the mixture into a jar and pop into the fridge. When you get home, you can scoop using an ice cream release scoop (or a Double Chocolate Macaroon scooper. Brings back memories of wrists in protest. No more.)


truffles, chocolate, raw chocolate, raw cacao, avocado

Once about 10 minutes is up, take the tray out of the fridge again and pour chocolate on top of the filling, so that you cannot see the avocado creme anymore. Put back into the fridge and wait about 20 minutes.

Pop out of the fridge and … you get something very special.

truffles, chocolate, raw chocolate, raw cacao, avocado

I am making these for my lovely friend, Hannah, who just officially graduated university. You may have seen her helping me out at demos, but probably would not have seen her helping me out in the factory (though she does). She’s been working two jobs like crazy outside of Zimt and if throwing me an incredible birthday party wasn’t enough to warrant these treats, the hard work she’s putting in with work work and for graduating and for being wonderful sure does. You’ve gotta meet her.  She’s one of my favourite gingers.


xo Emma


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