chocolate birthday cake batter smoothie

by emma smith

chocolate birthday cake batter smoothie vegan, high raw, and you can legitimately consume chocolate for breakfast


I made this twice last week- for my special someone’s birthday breakfast (day of) and the Saturday before, just as I was rushing out the door to work for the day.  There definitely was no time to make a pancake breakfast…. but this, I believe, is a worthy contender for any special meal.

After all, it is made with lots of love (both in the emotional and in the chocolate sense).

chocolate birthday cake batter smoothie inspired by the lovely Angela Liddon at Oh She Glows (p.s.- definitely check out her new book!)

1 C water (237 g)
? C rolled oats (27 g)
1 large, frozen banana (128 g)
1/2 t cinnamon (1 g)
1 t vanilla bean powder
1 T cacao powder (5 g)
1 T coconut sugar
1 T cashews (15 g or 15 g soaked cashews (for about 6 hours), unless you have a high speed blender)
1 T Zimt (11 g) – you could also make some variation by adding another flavour, such as Peppermint Nib’d!

It is recommended that you soak the oats in water before adding to the smoothie (especially if you don’t have a high speed blender).

Essentially, though, you just want to throw everything in the blender and blend until very smooth! Garnish with chocolate, coconut flakes, etc.


Any coincidence that that new Katy Perry  birthday song is stuck in my head? I’m pretty sure that this smoothie is what she’s referring to in her lyrics. …  Make it – like it’s your birthday everyday!


xo Emma